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Minister Galaxy Ceiling Fan 56″


Size1400 mm
Voltage220 v
Speed (RPM)320


Power Factor0.90
Air-Delivery225 m3/min
Service Value2.25 m3/min
BDS No818
Rated Input100 w


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The new Minister Galaxy 56″ ceiling fan is a large and powerful fan designed to provide efficient air circulation in rooms with high ceilings or larger spaces. It typically features a 56-inch blade span, which allows it to move a greater volume of air compared to smaller ceiling fans. This type of fan is ideal for rooms that measure between 225 and 400 square feet, such as living rooms, great rooms, and large bedrooms. Minister Galaxy 56″ceiling fan comes with advanced features like adjustable speed settings with energy-saving options to maximize its functionality and convenience. Minister Galaxy 56″ ceiling fan is a stylish and practical addition to any home or commercial space, providing a comfortable and refreshing indoor environment.


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